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Aries Monthly Horoscope: February 2013 

Love & Relationships
February 2013 will be a nice month. Not necessarily passionate, but rather cheerful, harmonious, generous. Venus (the planet of couples and for Aries, the ruler of the house of relationships) will be in Aquarius, in a bright area of the horoscope, which favors entertainment, conspiracies, communication, future plans, progress.

You'll meet somebody new, you'll have a date, a discussion, a piece of information or a piece of news that will impact your sentimental life beneficially.
It'll be a period in which you'll socialize a lot, and this could prove to be advantageous: parties, performances, galas, reunions, congresses - that is, activities involving a group, a public, an organization - help the good development of the current relationship or the birth of a new one. 

Career & Finance
There's a top month in store for you in February 2013, but also rather complicated. There will still be ambition, energy, intellectual curiosity, ample vision, enhanced capacity to organize and manage, to launch initiatives and procedures. In addition to that, you'll find it very easy to make interaction happen (collaboration, partnerships, relationships with clients, etc.).

You'll manage joint activities admirably, you'll have the power to mobilize and lead groups of people sharing the same goals or hopes. You'll enjoy popularity, you'll be liked by fans and supported by powerful people.

However, behind the curtains, there'll be dangers lurking and having the capacity to cause you big troubles: malevolent intrigues, gossip and rumors, subversive attacks, aggressive enemies, possible diseases. Public success mustn't put your vigilance to sleep, nor must it make you ignore the warnings of fatigue or weakness of the body.

Decisions must be considered carefully, regardless of the field: profession, money, private life.
Fitness & Morale
You won't lack energy in February 2013, but with retrograde Mercury, Mars, Chiron and Neptune in one of the medical houses of Aries, in the following six or seven weeks health could be affected (accidents, poisoning, infections, acute diseases, painful fits, bleedings, burns, scalding, etc.).

Avoid excesses and imprudence, be careful when traveling! 

Don't rush to statements, don't commit indiscretions! Silence is golden.♥

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: February 2013

Love & Relationships
It'll be a romantic period for you, of great sensuality, but of great emotional sensitiveness also. You can easily oscillate between exaltation and sadness or disappointment. You might have moments in which you only see the positive side of things and moments in which you only see the negative one, moments of maximum openness and moments of reserve or block.

No matter how good your born psychological balance is, it could be disturbed now, when it comes to relationships and especially to love and couples.

One way or another, the others will take part in your sentimental life: friends, society, groups. Under no circumstances could one speak of discretion or isolation, on the contrary, everything will take place publicly, with an audience, with mediators or intermediaries.

February 2013 seems to underline the importance of communication: there will be a lot of discussions within the relationship or around it, older subjects will come back to attention and will be intensely debated, etc.

Trips and money have special relevance in February 2013.

Career & Finance
With the shiny Sun and Venus in Taurus's house of career, February 2013 is a month that will highlight you very well professionally speaking and can bring you the accomplishments you're dreaming of. The more so as for Taurus people Venus has two more important qualities: it is the ruler of the star sign and holds the supremacy on the house of work.

Therefore, you can expect success, praise, honors, prizes, the consolidation of your fame - even a promotion, who knows.

Your work will be appreciated and well rewarded financially: February 2013 will be generous, especially in the first part. Manage your money moderately though, because the coming weeks can bring along some misunderstandings, delays or unexpected expenses.

Collaboration relationships will have an important say in February 2013. There can appear team projects for the long term, proposals for contracts or associations with sober people or with official environments. All this will require clear communication, the establishment of some final terms, sensibleness and diplomacy.

Fitness & Morale
Physically speaking, in February 2013 you'll be in a good shape, even if it is sometimes inconsistent, the over-activity periods alternating with the ones of tiredness.

Your mood could be oscillating also, with happy days and days with no mood for anything.

Try to enjoy the small daily good things, go out more often, listen to music, have aromatherapy and massage sessions.

Set new objectives at the social or professional level! ♥

Gemini Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
Relationships will be the focus of attention in February 2013 too: friendship, collaboration and, of course, couple relationships. The involvement will be big, and the way to approach relationships will stay rather subjective, in spite of the demand for lucidity and reason.

Some disturbance can occur on account of the different objectives (you'll set certain main aims in this period, while your partner will have other priorities) or on account of the interference of professional problems with the private area.

In addition to all this, there will be the anxiousness, haste and irritability generated by the conjunction made by Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) with Mars.

There is the possibility though for you to find ingenious solutions to solve problems, and there are favorable areas to sentimental enhancement, such as the one of friends and social activities, of cultural-intellectual preoccupations, of principles and shared ethical values, or of trips.

The first decanate of February 2013 can cause happy events to happen, under the trine Venus, the planet of love, will make with Jupiter, the ruler of Gemini's house of couples.
Career & Finance
Gemini's house of career, goals and fame will focus a lot of strength and a lot of ambition in February 2013. It is as if you decided to risk it all in order to reach your objectives, to prove what you are worth and what your skills are.

The presence of the dynamic and competitive Mars in Gemini's house of career will be especially motivating, and together with it there will be Mercury too, the ruler of Gemini, which lends even more weight to facts.

Moreover, Mercury will start the retrogradation cycle, due to which it will stay in the social-professional area of Gemini for an unusually long period (February 5th - April 14th 2013), insisting to impose its point of view.

The month February 2012 and the following weeks will require effort, stress and struggle. Discipline, patience, moderation and constructive vision are all factors that help progress, while indiscipline, haste, lack of measure and aggressiveness can cause you serious troubles.

The relationships with bosses and authorities need to be treated with diplomacy. Foreign countries, long-distance relationships, studies and cultural-intellectual activities will bring satisfaction.

Money will come according to the effort made.

Fitness & Morale
Stress will be your number one enemy in February 2013. And too much stress can alter the physical equilibrium, especially in the context of Saturn's presence in Gemini's house of health.

You'll have energy, because Jupiter in Gemini will lend you vigor, but this won't save you from diseases.

You need an organized life, with no excesses and imprudence, rest and nervous relaxation.

Plan important actions carefully! ♥

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & RelationshipsMars, Pluto and Saturn will play a decisive role in your relational life: Pluto will be in Cancer's house of couples, Saturn is the ruler of Cancer's house of couples and now it will be in your house of love, and Mars is the master of Cancer's house of love! Mars, Pluto and Saturn are sober and harsh planets though, which don't really play games, which want to be in control and can cause problems when they are placed disharmoniously.

In February 2013 the three "tough" planets will get along very well, which is to your advantage. Thus, a certain period will start defining in which you'll be able to settle the small or the big problems of the couple, in which situations can stabilize, the relationship can be improved, or you and your partner can join powers so that you can build something together. All in all, it's about responsibility, maturity, focus and perseverance.

When the relationship is too burdening, the decision of ending that particular chapter could be made. However, even if everything is correct and stable, there is the possibility of some emotional frustration.

Career & Finance
A good month from the professional point of view, even if it is rather hectic. On an ascendant trend, you can now work on the success of February 2013, as well as on the success of the following three or four months.

More intense activity could come from the area of studies, business trips or of the connections between career and distance/foreign countries, higher educational institutions or the cultural environment. The importance of knowledge, of trips, and of broader horizons for the social-professional status will be highlighted.

February 2013 will be interesting as regards collaboration: there will be contracts or partnerships involving notions such as rigor, reliability, effort. Demands will be big, relationships can be a bit too inflexible, terms a bit too confining, but the results for the long term will be worth the effort. The challenge for you will be to find the right way between the old and the new, the creative and the precise, the independent and the disciplined.

Fitness & Morale
You won't be exactly in your top shape, especially in the first two decanates of February 2013. It would be wise if you spared your strength and protected yourself.

There'll be a predisposition towards nervous tension, intellectual exhaustion and troubles related to trips.

Be careful when you walk or drive and when you handle dangerous objects!

Ask and you will be given! (especially at the material level).♥

Leo Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
There couldn't have been a more promising month! The Sun, Leo's ruler, will be right in Leo's house of couples, in the happy company of Venus, the planet of love and harmony!

And that's not all: Venus will make a splendid trine with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic and at the same time the ruler of Leo's house of eroticism, located itself in a happy house, that of hopes and of fulfilled dreams.

Therefore, there's some accomplishment in store for you, an accomplishment related to love and couple, or at least a happy and delightful period, in which you're on the same wavelength with the dear one. You'll hopefully look towards the future together, you'll make plans, and your initiatives will be carried out successfully.

If it so happens that you don't have a partner yet, meeting the right person is more than likely in February 2013, and the factors which favor it are mainly friends, social events where a lot of people gather (shows, galas, conventions, etc.) and group activities in general (at a club, a foundation, an association, etc.).
Career & Finance
February 2013 will be especially marked by collaborators and team work, being auspicious for associations and partnerships, contracts, counseling or public relations. You'll find it very easy to get close to people and to make them trust you, which can also bring you social contacts useful to your future professional development.

Another advantage of February 2013 is that it ensures support and understanding from superiors, capable of helping you to reach your goals.

February 2013 foreshadows to be very active from the financial point of view, as well: Mars and Mercury will manifest energetically and insistently in one of Leo's two houses of money. Mars and Mercury are especially interested in business, investments, banks, insurance, accessing non-refundable, scholarships and sponsorship, maybe even in inheritance, retrocession, partition.

The impulse of taking action is strong, but it needs to be under control and it requires thorough preliminary analysis for canceling risks. Discipline, clarity and legality will be essential.

Fitness & Morale
You'll be in a pretty good shape in February 2013, but somehow under tension. You'll be restless and worried.

Avoid crisis situations and don't do anything that might harm your equilibrium and health!

If you happen to suffer from any chronic ailment, have your necessary medical check-ups done and follow doctor's instructions exactly.

Socialize as much as possible, make new friends! ♥

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
What an exciting period! Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, will enter Virgo's house of couples where it'll stay for a much longer period than usual (February 5th - April 14th 2013), highlighting the couple life. By the side of Mercury there will also be the dynamic and passionate Mars, located in Virgo's house of couples between February 2nd and March 12th 2013.

The tandem Mars-Mercury is full of initiatives and will probably try to lend a concrete shape to the romantic tones coming from Neptune, which is still in Virgo's house of couples for the long term (2012 - 2024). Sentimental dreams can turn to reality for some Virgo people, especially since the triad Mercury-Mars-Neptune is strongly supported by the reliable Saturn.

However, there will also be Virgo people, by no means only a few, for whom reality will turn to illusion, and dynamism can become destructive (there's a stressful aspect coming from Jupiter, which is precisely the ruler of Virgo's house of couples).

Faulty communication, impulsiveness, lack of measure, ambiguity, lies, betrayal and immorality will be severely punished.

Certain people, issues or conflicts from the past could come back to attention.

Career & Finance
Last month's over load and stress have been left behind. February 2013 will be much more relaxed as regards responsibilities.

With Venus in Virgo's house of work, the tasks will be easier, nicer or will stimulate the aesthetic sense and artistic talents. The Sun, located also in Virgo's house of work, will make the best of your image, prestige, leading and organizing abilities.

But the most important astral feature of February 2013 will be the special chance which the trine between Venus and Jupiter will provide for the career, an aspect that is not only beneficial by excellence, but also takes place in vocational sectors. So keep your eyes wide open and seize chances, especially in the first part of the month!

February 2013 will be very active as regards contracts, collaboration, public relations and relationships with the others, generally speaking. It could be productive and could bring you useful contacts. Beware, though: it can also be marked by competition or conflicts.

Accurate information, well-thought strategy and good timing will favor success. And successful work draws money.

Fitness & Morale
Although hectic and stressful, the month February 2013 doesn't seem to pose problems. On the contrary!

The Sun and Venus will favor procedures related to health, will bring solutions and excellent contacts in the medical environment. Moreover, the Sun and Venus support initiatives related to hygiene, cosmetics, aesthetics.

Venus is a bit over delighted by food delicacies, though...

Express yourself clearly, listen carefully, avoid conflicts! ♥

Libra Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
A wonderful period! St. Valentine loves you. With the proud Sun and the seductive Venus in Libra's house of love, in February 2013 you'll be among the privileged of the zodiac.

The trine Venus will make with Jupiter will bring an extra chance in the first part of February 2013, somehow connected to studies, trips or intellectual-cultural activities, which can have a beneficial influence on the affective life.

Relationships will also be connected to work though, because Mars, the ruler of Libra's house of couples, will be in the area of jobs and daily responsibilities. Therefore, you might study, work, travel or open your spiritual-cultural horizon by the side of the dear one, or meet the dear one during some activities related to these preoccupations.

Communication with the person by your side is an important issue and it will be so by April 2013.

Beware: for many Libra people, in February 2013 there can appear complications regarding health or the partner's workplace. The problems seem to be solved with the help of family and/or money.

Career & Finance
February 2013 will mark the beginning of a very busy or hectic period, which will last by the middle of March 2013. It's good to know, so that you can make plans, because only thorough planning and rigorous discipline will help you go over these weeks.

There will be challenges, emergencies and troubles about communication and means of communication, documents, papers, office machinery. It's good to always have a spare solution handy and not leave things for the last minute.

Turbulences will come on account of the presence in Libra's house of work of Mars and Mercury, which is in the retrogradation cycle.

Mars and Mercury can also be very productive, of course, and they could bring you satisfactions, including of a financial nature.

Accomplishments will depend on trips and collaboration, and work will have an important aspect that will use initiative, the spirit of command, competitiveness and intellectual activities, editing, oratory, information, hand skills, agility and adjustability.

Success will be facilitated by the sense of opportunity and by the capacity of showing/promoting your talents.

Fitness & Morale A warning signal is necessary here. In February 2013 there's a rather high risk of exhaustion, sickness, accidents.

Don't expose yourself, avoid excesses and stimulants, lead an organized life! It's not the right time to experiment things at your cost.

Have some rest, and when needed, go to the doctor's without delay. Don't take risks!

Keep thorough record of your papers and documents, make backup copies of all important documents! ♥

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
In spite of the need for peacefulness and security, you might get some action, and a loud one even. Scorpio's house of couples seems to be calm in February 2013, especially as regards marital relationships or even the ones that are not official, but which are stable and go back a long time.

Scorpio's house of love and eroticism overflows with adrenaline and desire for adventure. It's the house of free love, of falling in love, of hot affairs or affairs that experience the first thrills of pleasure.

Mars and Mercury want action and changes, being ready to react at the slightest stimulus. Under such a configuration, you could fall in love rapidly and passionately, but you can as rapidly get into trouble.

It's not a good time for you to commit any imprudence (such as endangering a serious relationship for a fleeting one, trust a person you don't know, have unsafe sex or resort to who knows what crazy thing in order to amaze or conquer).

However, if you know what you do and where to stop, go for it! The point is that you mustn't allow it to get out of control.

Career & Finance In February 2013 you can make the most of your talent and capacity to express yourself. If you have a creative profession or you want to highlight your potential, to promote your image, aptitudes and creations, you'll have enough energy and creativity to do an excellent job.

February 2013 will be interesting for artists and sports people, for those who work in the entertainment industry, for teachers or for those having a position connected to the protocol or to representation.

Financially, things will look good. It is to be expected for extra income from side sources to appear, an important gift or a benefit coming through other people (associates, the couple partner, parents, institutions, etc.).

Investments will be favored in February 2013, especially the ones related to home, to properties, to patrimony goods or durable goods. The matters having to do with some premises or rentals will also look promising.

Fitness & Morale
It's time you changed a few things in your lifestyle. These changes have to about discipline and a way of using the extra energy, for example sport, dance, etc.

You'll greatly need exercise, but beware, because there's also the risk of accidents in February 2013.

If you're a pregnant woman, be cautious!

Do something nice for your parents or for a relative of yours. ♥

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
With two very energetic planets in the relational houses (Jupiter in Sagittarius' house of couples and Uranus in Sagittarius' house of eroticism), the new, the unexpected, adventure, and passion can come into your life.

If we also take into account the fact that the ruler of Sagittarius' house of couples, Mercury, will keep busy around the impetuous Mars, which is the ruler of Sagittarius' house of eroticism, we already have a much clearer idea about the sentimental potential of February 2013.

Therefore, get ready for action! Lively actions, scattered with hot moments and spicy events, but also with various incidents, maybe even with jealousy fits, fierce arguments, errors, lack of timing or misunderstandings. One thing is for certain: you won't get bored in February 2013!

However, if you're involved in a relationship you care about, you're recommended to try and keep it harmonious and not take any provocation. Just let it be sometimes!

Troubles, if they come, seem to be related especially to home, parents or properties.

Career & Finance

The interval will be especially favorable to intellectual preoccupations, to gathering, processing and sharing information, to reading, writing, and to lectures. The month February 2013 will nevertheless be as appropriate for commercial and accountancy preoccupations, for trips taken to personal interests, business meetings and negotiations.

In this period you can take profitable trips and you can meet nice people you can develop collaboration relationships with at a later date. Collaboration will be something ordinary and they will generally go well.

However, in February 2013 there will be the risk of some divergences, especially when it comes to premises and patrimony, or caused by past misunderstandings, not properly solved at that time. Things can be solved by means of communication, with calm and benevolence, so avoid rushing to statements or launching accusations before you understand what it is about; nor should you react impulsively when collaborators have the tendency to act like this.

Financially, the situation will be satisfactory, and some aspects can even be successfully solved. Discretion helps.

Fitness & Morale

Although health needs to be kept under observation all throughout the year 2013, still, February doesn't seem to be a troublesome month. On the contrary, the planetary aspects allow some medical solutions to be found, where necessary.

Information, reading and conversations can have a positive impact on health and physical shape.

Be careful when it comes to accommodation, premises and properties! There's a risk of damages, technical disorders, incidents. ♥

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
It seems it will be quite a peaceful month, with no out-of-the-ordinary events. The couple's preoccupations seem to go mainly towards the practical aspects of life: money, calculations, daily tasks, various procedures.

February 2013 will be a month in which things will be weighed, evaluated, settled. For example, it'll be appropriate for setting the financial strategy of the couple or for assigning tasks to each of them.

If you're single, love won't probably be the top preoccupation these weeks, or value (especially from the material point of view) might have the highest importance when making your decisions. For you, the ideal partner needs to meet two main demands: financial stability and the sense of responsibility.

Be careful about one thing: February 2013 will mark the beginning of a more difficult period at the level of communication. Therefore, make sure you make yourself clearly understood and listen to the other one patiently, in order to prevent possible confusion or drawing wrong conclusions.

Career & Finance
At last, you'll have some good news!

With the Sun and Venus in Capricorn's house of money, February 2013 will be a generous month, and the harmonious aspect Jupiter will make with the Sun and Venus promises chance with financial matters, especially where work and duty are involved.

You'll also do all right from the point of view of actual work, of reaching objectives, of status and prestige, and things will develop positively, even if you're not in the spotlight.

Otherwise, in February 2013 you'll be quite busy, you'll travel, initiate procedures, try to convince people, negotiate, etc. You'll do routine work, and you'll make various arrangements that will pay off in the future.

It's not excluded that during these operations, some misunderstandings and confusion appear. The tandem Mars-Mercury in Capricorn's house of mind and communication lends vigor to thinking and strength to arguments, but it also causes irritability which can harm work relationships and can lead to rush decisions.

One more thing: beware of papers and documents!

Fitness & Morale
All in all, in February 2013 you'll do well, especially physically speaking. You'll have vigor, resilience and work capacity.

The weak point will be the nervous system. It could be about exhaustion, restlessness or irritability. You'd better have more sleep and take Magnesium supplements.

You're recommended to be very careful when traveling and when handling dangerous objects because there's a risk of accidents.

Keep the good relationships with your siblings, colleagues, neighbors! ♥

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
Venus and the Sun will be right in the sign of Aquarius. Venus is the planet of love and of good understanding, and the Sun is the ruler of Aquarius' house of couples. The configuration promises peace and harmony, it promises to boost the capacity to seduce and the sentimental availability, and provides opportunities and happy events.

February 2013 is a wonderful period to meet the partner you've been dreaming of, to spend delightful moments with the dear one, to accomplish things together, to light the fire of passion again, to make up and experience romantic interludes.

The greatest period will be the first part of February 2013, which will be under the lucky influences of the trine between Venus (the Lesser Benefic) and Jupiter (the Greater Benefic). Jupiter will be in Aquarius' house of eroticism, adventure and free love, which will make the trine even more valuable.

The superb planetary configuration in February 2013 will create an almost perfect climate for love and marriage. The only disturbances can be caused by some issues related to money or career - money especially when it comes to free relationships, career when it comes to old, stable or official relationships.

Career & Finance
A successful month! With the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, in February 2013 you'll shine, stand out, receive praise for your talents, you'll manifest leading or organizing qualities. You might even reach a dais of honor, end up with a medal, a title, a degree, or receive public applause.

Venus will also be in Aquarius, and its charm will bring along chance and nice, profitable contacts. Venus proves to be favorable to collaborators and relationships with colleagues and clients; it will facilitate meeting helpful people and will help with boosting popularity. Generally speaking, February 2013 will be very appropriate to promoting the image, the brand.

Artistic or intellectual preoccupations will bring satisfactions. Really auspicious circumstances could come in the first decanate.

From the financial point of view, in February 2013 you'll get involved, you'll have initiative, you'll struggle to make more money, you'll have an impulse towards transactions. You can earn good money if you don't take any risks, if you negotiate clearly, if you keep thorough record of your papers, it you stay away from ambiguous or illegal business and if you don't spend on pleasures more than you should. Otherwise, you might lose.
Fitness & Morale

You'll be in a great shape! You'll overflow with energy and you'll have high morale.

February 2013 will be a month of joy, socializing and fun. Who has time for diseases now?

However, try not to give in to temptations completely and to exercise regularly!

Enjoy the month February 2013 fully! It'll be your month. ♥

Pisces Monthly Horoscope: February 2013
Love & Relationships
February 2013 will mark the beginning of an important period for relationships: Mercury, the ruler of Pisces' house of couples, will reach precisely Pisces where it'll stay almost twice as long as it usually stays in a sign (February 5th - April 14th 2013). In this interval it'll start its retrogradation movement (February 23rd - March 17th) and will form two conjunctions with the fierce Mars, also located in Pisces (February 2nd - March 12th).

February 2013 will be a busy month, scattered with incidents, challenging and stressful from all points of view, but especially for relationships. Don't make any final plans, because nothing is certain, but don't leave things as they come either, because they could go crazy!

Mars is passionate and impulsive, Mercury is playful and eager for experiments, but the way they are configured could give birth to misunderstandings, contradiction, fights or even breakups.

You'll take on provocations too easily and you'll judge things too subjectively. Things would be better if you analyzed them before taking action, if you listened to the other one patiently and thought reasonably.

You can solve many of the couple's problems with wisdom and patience.

Career & Finance
February 2013 will be hectic and disturbing: Mars, the planet of initiative, action and competitiveness will be exactly in the sign of Pisces, together with Mercury, the ruler of the mind, words and trips. You cannot just sit around, even if you wanted to.

You have to get involved, fight, take action. Challenges won't stop coming. It'll be the right period for energetic procedures, for contacts and information.

Beyond a certain physical dimension (Mars needs clear objectives), in February 2013 it'll be obvious that intellectual preoccupations and the role of communication will be underlined. You'll take courses, you'll learn a foreign language, give a lecture, edit an important paper, etc.

Mail and trips will always be in the background, because at least a part of the interests will have to do with foreign countries or with long-distance collaboration.

If you take action methodically and moderately, February 2013 will be efficient and could be very productive. Impulsiveness could bring unwanted conflicts, with risks of breaking off contracts.

Finances will depend on your initiatives, but there will also be episodes of genuine chance.
Fitness & Morale

A lot of stress in February 2013.

Be thoroughly organized so that you don't end up being pressured by time. Have enough rest, cut down on stimulants, take vitamins and minerals (especially Magnesium and the complex of vitamins B). Exercise! 

You're recommended to be very careful when driving and when handling sharp, hot or explosive objects. There's a danger of accidents, infections, inflammations. 

Don't rush, don't expose yourself, don't risk, don't fight! ♥