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Do you know that June is the National Rose Month? 
Roses represent beauty and love to millions. Roses are an ancient symbol of festivals and the commemoration of historic events. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed legislation that made the rose the United States' National Floral Emblem. People everywhere have been passionate about roses for centuries.

This holiday is to appreciate the rose, its species, and offerings. See more meaning of rose colors below:

Here are some little ideas of what you could do in this special month:
1. Give someone a color based on your relationship and the color symbolism of the rose.

2. Give a rose bush if you prefer a longer-lasting gift
There are many more options available today than there used to be. The standard-size rose bush in an almost endless variety of colors is one option, or you might choose to give someone a climbing rose if it is appropriate for her planting location.

3. Give a hybrid tea rose or a miniature rose bush to someone with little or no yard space. 
These can be grown in a container on a patio or deck. Miniature roses also do well indoors if they are placed in an area where they receive approximately six hours of sunlight a day.

4. Give a rose to numerous people, not just to the love of your life. 
Take a rose to an elderly person who could use a little beauty to brighten his world. Give a rose to someone who has made a difference in your life or your day with his upbeat personality or caring attitude. Surprise a person who works in a care-giving field with an appreciation rose. Buy yourself a bouquet of roses.

5. Visit a botanical garden or a rose garden. 
You also might start your own rose garden in your backyard.