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Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate is one the most sensual and romantic foods, and its aphrodisiac power traces back hundreds of years in history. Eating chocolate releases endorphins in the brain which makes a person feel happy and loved. Throw some strawberries in the mix, one of the foods people think of most often before romantic encounters, and let the evening unfold. Try this delicious fondue recipe which is sure to please you and your lover. Whats sexier than strawberries dipped in chocolate?

Spicy Hummus 
Chickpeas were believed to have aphrodisiac properties in ancient Roman history, making hummus a very provocative appetizer. Put a Mediterranean twist on your romantic meal and hand feed your lover bits of pita bread dipped in hummus.
Coffee has always had a romantic, late-night feel to it. Just the aroma of coffee itself can perk up the senses any time of day. What better way to get a special someone feeling energized? Serve it up for them in a demitasse cup to create a special love buzz. 
Steak Dinner 
Few things are more fulfilling and romantic than a classic steak dinner served with a deliciously creamy sauce. To complete the mood light candlesticks, put out roses, and enjoy a romantic evening in your lovers company.  
Chicken with Creamy Mushrooms
The mushroom cream provides a soft and romantic twist on this classic chicken dinner. Thought to have aphrodisiac and super-human powers in the past, today mushrooms are proven to offer antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects.
Known as the culinary symbol for passion, oysters have long-earned their romantic reputation for their salty, sweet taste and velvety texture. Whether you pile them with chopped vegetables, lime juice, and herbs or just prefer their raw taste, oysters will add a romantic allure to any meal.

Spaghetti and Meatballs 
Any food that can be shared on a plate can be very romantic, especially if it may lead to a kiss! Whether you order from a restaurant or make it at home, spaghetti and meatballs will offer a very special romantic dinner. Make the sauce and meatballs from scratch to ensure your special someone feels the fiery effects of the herbs and spices.

Fruit Salad 
Top off a romantic evening with an even more romantic fruit salad. Using sensual fruits like strawberries, bananas, pears and blueberries will not only load your meal with essential nutrients, but inspire lustful feelings as well. Spice up the dish with a tantalizing honey dressing.

Basil, known as the herb for lovers, has a sweet, spicy scent with rich undertones. It has an alluring aroma and healing power known to cure any type of headache. Basil will warm the body and promote circulation, igniting sensual and loving feelings. Serve pesto pasta salad for a very alluring meal.

Grilled Tuna 
Any seafood will make for a very romantic dinner. Tuna is so versatile and flavorful it is sure to please even the most dedicated red-meat eater. With this dishs bright flavors chemistry is sure to spark with that special someone.
Grilled Tuna with Chipotle Ponzu and Avocado Salsa Recipe