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♥ Malaysia Best Open Air Photobooth ♥

LOL Photobooth are a team of open air photo booth specialists who are looking forward to make your event fun and memorable.We believe in amazing photos, great people and very firm handshakes.

We offer you the most cost-effective way to create a beautiful photo souvenir, be it for yourself, for your loved ones, or your for business.
When do you need LOL Photobooth?
Basically, you will need LOL Photobooth for ALL kinds of event, especially:
a.   As a token of appreciation to your business employees and clients
b.   Build up branding for new product
c.   Create public awareness for exhibitions/fairs
d.   As a lovely and memorable door gift to your wedding guests
e.   Gear up your party
f.   Adding excitement to your important events in life.

How LOL Photobooth Works?!
1) Grab A Prop
2) Strike A Post
3) Laugh Out Loud
4) Print Photo
5) Walk Away With Awesome Photo + LOL Photoframe + Exclusive Paper Bag

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To ensure your guests having the maximum excitements,we furnish a large collection of customized photobooth props that will leave them an UNFORGETTABLE experience!
We offer a WIDE VARIETY of ready made and customized photobooth backdrops, which will IMPRESS your guests.NOT ONLY from the photo printout, but from the moment they step into your event!
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Visit LOL Photobooth Website for more information: http://lol.net.my/
Find out our packages now: http://lol.net.my/photo-booth-package

So, what are you waiting for? Book us now to feel the extraordinary experience yourself!

Website: www.LOL.net.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyLOLPhotobooth
Blogspot: http://lolphotobooth.blogspot.com/
Email: sales@lol.net.my
Contact: 012-227 2977 | 012-201 8388 | 016-555 4357