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♥ 15 Unbelievably Painful-Looking Body Piercings ♥

These forehead piercings look like they were installed with a nail gun. How do you sleep in those things?

It takes a special someone to conceive of a piercing that's just as painful for themselves as it must be for their friends.

Touche Internet, Touche
Before seeing this row of painful piercings we didn't even know that "lime tree trapped in a man's body" was a thing. And apparently this is the surgery you get for it.

Pedal On
Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is a bicycle pierced through that guy's face. I don't know whether to start with "how" or "why".

Don't Touch Me
Did you know that your fingertips are some of the most sensitive nerve-dense parts of your body?

Be Still
If this person makes one false move everyone watching is going to pass out.

It's hard to look at this without activating your gag reflex. We bet that piercer has seen more than one plate of cookies tossed.

Eye Eye Eye
If a particle of dust in your eye can make you blink and weep like a nutter what must an eyelid piercing feel like...every time you blink?

We don't know exactly how you get those piercings in but we bet it involves a general anesthetic.

These piercings aren't what look terribly painful. It's that cold, dry, burning sinus sensation this guy's got to feel with every breath.

Did you know that the tongue consists of eight muscles that are all very strong for their size? Did you also know that the tongue feels pain? Horrible lisping pain.

What if one of them snags? What if one of them snags?!

Which one of these painful-looking piercings do you think hurt the most? My bet is on all of them -- every single one.

I Can't Understand You
I didn't even know you could pierce that. By the way, that little strip of skin is called the frenulum linguae and it's extra hard to pronounce when you put a metal spike through it.